Pre-doctoral Research Experience



The thesis deals with a wide class of biochemical systems and performs a structural analysis, independent of precise parameter values and exact functional expressions. Criteria are developed to assess some structural properties (potential oscillations, perfect adaptation, monotonicity) through the analysis of the system Jacobian matrix; these criteria are shown to be effective and easy to implement numerically.
  • Summer 2012: SURF Project at Caltech, Biomolecular Rate–Regulator Circuits; mentors Prof. Richard M. Murray and Prof. Elisa Franco; California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA, USA.


The research project is focused on flux regulation of RNA species, produced by gene circuits synthesized in vitro, which bind with a given stoichiometry to form an output product. RNA flow must be regulated to optimize the production rate of the final output. The performance of different regulatory architectures, based on either negative or positive feedback, is compared and a viable experimental implementation is proposed based on DNA transcriptional circuits.


The work deals with the synthesis of fixed order optimal filters, for discrete–time systems in presence of unknown but bounded disturbances. Such filters are analyzed, applied to systems affected by noise also in presence of a known signal and tested to compare their performance to that achieved by Kalman filters.